👨🏾‍🎨 Luqman's Story

Early Years

Luqman Onipede was born in 1990 in Lagos, Surulere. He was born into a large family, the sixth born child of seven children from his mother. 

Luqman sold his art illustrations in school, to “fend for himself” all the way up to his college years. His art started from a very young age, and he dates his earliest memories to age seven, where he saw art as a means of survival.

As a young child gifted with ideas, talents, and a wild imagination, a lot of people mistook his ‘identity’ for rebellion, and as a result, he was sent to live away from family for large parts of his childhood in Kwara, the never-ending fountain of mineral resources in Nigeria, in a bid to help tame his ‘stubbornness’. Rather than tame his spirit and creativity, his art developed even more. 

The journey to where he is now was far from easy. As a young boy of humble beginnings with very limited means, Luqman has accomplished great things and perfected his ability to grow suspense and curiosity, in the eyes of people who come across his art.

“I saw art as a means of survival, but it is my passion; a way of life.”


Influences and Defining Moments

Luqman Onipede went to Yabatech, in 2013 and finished in 2019, where he studied Fine Arts and as they say, "the rest is history," and art truly became his life with his unique style greatly influenced by the art style of Picasso.

Very interested in improving his skills, he became a student of three teachers, Saheed Adelakun, Abel Dareoko, and Akeem Admat.

Luqman has just opened his first studio in Lagos to reach a wider audience - the first step in his dream is to reach as many people as possible by expanding his Art Gallery.

Art Style

Much of Luqman’s early art is themed in black and white. Luqman has stated that this wasn’t a conscious decision but was the result of limited available materials. Materials are very expensive and as a result Luqman started a lot of his journey creating artwork from broken bits of charcoal. Luqman spends a lot of time away from his wife and family due to financial restrictions so many of his paintings that depict relationships are based on his own desire to spend more time with his family.

Luqman distinguishes himself as being resourceful enough to use any material in sight. His environment, his situation/experiences and the world around him, keep him inspired to always make every painting rich with feelings, emotions, with great stories behind them.