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Segun Phillips


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Edition of 25 (24 available), Giclee Print made on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 310gsm.


All frames come with a white mount.

Please take into consideration that our frames will add an estimated 3.5 inches to each side of your print.

👨🏾‍🎨 Segun's Story

Early years
Segun spent his early years in and around Lagos with dreams of becoming either an aeronautical engineer or a pilot. The financial demands for these educational paths shut these aspirations down at a very early age as his mother couldn’t afford the high costs of entry to those career courses.

 "I never wanted to be an artist because when I was young, I understood artists as people who sell by the roadside, and I never wanted to be by the roadside.”


At the age of 12, with no conscious focus on art, Segun began drawing and sketching at school as a way to generate high praise from his peers who acknowledged his talents very early on. His growing ability to capture stories through his art would later develop to impress a very influential figure in Nigerian art, Mufu Onifade.

Meeting Dr Mufu Onifade
While still a teenager, Segun found an art catalogue in the hands of a family friend of the renowned Mufu Onifade, now Dr. Mufu Onifade. Segun was fascinated, and made up his mind to meet the artist.

After finding out Mufu was a relative of the family friend, Segun asked if he could go and meet Mufu and he did exactly that. 

Mufu opened the conversation with a defining question "What do you want to be in the future?" and without hesitation, Segun replied with “A pilot or an aeronautical engineer”. Dr Onifade responded with, “Your best bet is art. Your art is great, stick with it, and you will do great things with it."

After Segun showed Mufu some of his sketches and scribbles, Dr. Mufu Onifade offered to mentor and guide Segun if he wanted to follow the path of an artist - Segun accepted.

Art style
As a student of Mufu Onifade, the founder of the art style ‘Araism’, Segun’s art has been hugely inspired by his mentor's. Segun paints in the style of fragmented wood-like pieces and refers to his style as ‘Woodism’.